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volunteer for the Executive Committee and help to shape big

The Executive Committee comprises of the following positions: Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and two General Officers (without portfolio). All positions are open to nomination each year. You must be a member of BIG to apply.

Meetings take place roughly every 2 months throughout the year at a location that best suits the current committee members, or, more typically via Zoom. All travel expenses are covered (see our Exec and Volunteer Expenses Policy) and attendance at every meeting is not compulsory, although we would encourage you to join in if possible.

Nominations for committee candidates are opened annually during the month of June. In July, online voting opens up to the BIG membership with the results and appointment to each position being announced at the AGM. You do not have to be present at the AGM to take up a position on the Executive Committee. 

Nomination Form

Being part of the Executive Committee means that you have a say in the future of BIG, as well as being involved in some regular tasks and activities - like deciding the winners of our bursaries or shaping the programme of The BIG Event. You can also assist with website and social media content or help to organise a Skills Day.

As an ambassador for BIG, you will help to spread the word about the organisation, encouraging people to sign up to our Enews, BIG Chats group and attend our events across the year. You will support our marketing by sharing social media posts and event details amongst your own networks.

A great perk of being a committee member is a reduced rate for attending BIG's events.

"I originally ran for the Exec Committee because I thought it would be a really great networking opportunity, and it was. But it was more than that. Not only did I get to see how a small, yet professional organisation ran from the inside, but I also got a lot of experience I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I was pretty new to science communication but was working at an experienced science centre. Being on BIG’s Executive Committee allowed me to spread my wings and stand on my own two feet – faster than I would have been able to otherwise.

Secretary was a great position, too. Taking the minutes means you are responsible for keeping the actions of meetings clear and concise. Meetings only happen a few times a year, so it’s never too much work at any time. It was a great experience for me and I really can’t recommend it enough." 

- Ashley Kent, Secretary 2011-2014

The BIG Executive roles

The roles for each position are briefly described below, but you can take on extra tasks if you wish.


  • Appoint and manage the Event Coordinator and Membership Services Manager (MSM).
  • Support and direct the Event Coordinator to deliver the Event.
  • Provide leadership to the Executive Committee and chair their meetings.
  • Provide a point of contact for external enquiries.
  • Represent BIG at external events, and contribute to articles for publications.
  • Act as signatory on the BIG bank account.
  • Chair the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • Be on the judging panel for the Josh Phillips Science Communication Award, run by the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.
  • Be on the judging panel for bursaries provided by BIG.
  • Convene sessions at the BIG Event.


  • Act as Chair in the Chair’s absence.
  • Administer and be on the judging panel for the BIG Bursary.
  • Convene sessions at the BIG Event
  • Sit on the Josh Award judging panel


  • Organise Exec committee meetings including the AGM
  • Set agenda and take minutes for the exec meetings including the AGM
  • Follow up action points from exec meetings.
  • Be on the judging panel for the BIG Bursary.
  • Convene sessions at the BIG Event
  • Admin support to Event Manager and Membership Manager, where needed.


  • Act as key contact for bank and manager of BIG bank accounts.
  • Act as signatory for BIG bank account.
  • In conjunction with the MSM, maintain clear and well organised records of all BIG’s financial dealings.
  • In conjunction with the MSM, ensure all income is banked properly and payments made promptly
  • Produce quarterly summaries of income and expenditure.
  • Produce annual summary of income and expenditure for membership approval at AGM.
  • Ensure that BIG’s activities are conducted in a financially responsible way.
  • Assist with Handover to the next Treasurer.
  • Convene sessions at the BIG Event.
  • Responsible for Insurance renewal.

General Officers

  • Be on the judging panel for BIG Bursary.
  • Responsible for keeping the website content up-to-date.
  • Share and contribute to the BIG social media accounts.
  • Convene sessions at the BIG Event
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