The BIG-Chat e-mail list

BIG-CHAT is the e-mail list for people working in STEM engagement and communication. This is an active line of communication allowing for plenty of interactive networking. The list is a forum for BIG members to exchange examples of good practice and air their views. It can also be used for publicising events, for news items and circulation of job adverts.

To join the BIG-CHAT e-mail list
1. Send a blank e-mail to
2. You will receive an automatic e-mail to confirm your details - reply to it as instructed.
3. You will then receive a welcome message - you are then a member. Please take a moment to read the usage guidelines at the foot of this page.

To send a message to the list (once you have joined)
Send e-mail to:

Your messages are automatically sent to all the members of the group. You receive all the messages sent by other group members. You can just 'listen in' or have your say. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Other commands

To change settings - send blank email to:

Messages on hold:
Restart messages:
Daily digest:
Individual emails:


Using the list via the web
You can read messages, search previous messages and alter some settings for the service on the web. Go to the yahoogroups web site, at, and select the My Groups link from the menu bar at the top. You will also need to register as a Yahoo member during this process.

This yahoogroups web site menu will let you change your subscription between 'digest' mode (several e-mails sent periodically as one) and 'normal' mode (individual e-mails as they are sent to the list).

Why are there adverts in the e-mails?
You will find short adverts added to the end of e-mails - this is the price we pay for the otherwise 'free service'. BIG is satisfied that the service keeps e-mail addresses private. You will not receive unwanted e-mails Read more about the service we use at

BIG-CHAT e-mail list usage guidelines

The list has open membership and is not moderated. This means that mail and replies go to all members of the list and are not checked or edited before distribution.

In common with other lists, we have a few guidelines which help make the list friendly to use:

1. Please respect other subscribers and their views - use respectful language.

2. E-mails as short as possible please.

3. When you reply to a message DON'T include the entire message in your reply. Always edit it a bit and delete something - the more the better.

4. Plain text e-mails only, not HTML or RTF.

5. Attachments - not allowed. Please copy short text into your to e-mail.

6. Job adverts should not be posted. Instead, send your job announcement to for posting onto the website.

7. No adverts for commercial services. However, occasional announcements from commercial ventures, which are of real use to the list subscribers, are acceptable.

8. 'Junkmail' e-mail advertising will not be tolerated.

Customising BIG-CHAT

How do I change my BIG-CHAT settings?

The following are email commands - to use them, send a blank e-mail to the following addresses:

  • To change your subscription to daily digest mode - one day's messages in one e-mail:
  • To change your subscription back to individual emails:
  • To put your email message delivery on hold - while you are away, for example:
  • To post a message to big-chat's moderators:
  • To unsubscribe from big-chat:

  • How do I change my e-mail address on BIG-CHAT?

    You have to unsubscribe from your old e-mail address and then subscribe from the new.
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